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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1-"Today Was A Good Day!"

Today Was A Good Day!  Today is the first day of my 30 day blog challenge. The day started with an early morning phone call from my girl Tasha.  I'm not a morning person at all and she is.  I just feel that there is no need for a 'real' thought provoking conversation before 9 am...in other words, if you are not bleeding or in some sort of crisis mode, don't call me lol.  But she doesn't care...2 intelligent women must have an early morning, shallow filled conversation about clothes and men over coffee.  It's a 16 year tradition that we just can't seem to break.  After laughing for an hour straight, I got myself together and hit the street.  My little brother is in town for fall break and we actually got to hang out...just the two of us...which is rare.  We didn't do much besides run errands and play catch up.  It wasn't until today that I realized that my baby brother is a very grown man with grown man ideas.  He is a junior in college, and has a very clear vision of what direction he wants his life to go in...he is years beyond where I was when I was his age.  I am SO proud of this kid.  He will make some mistakes along the way but as long as he remembers that its all about how you recover from those mistakes, that is the true measure of growth!  That's all for now...today was a rare treat that I thought I would share.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the day 2 challenge.  If you would like a full list of all the challenges, check out my blog post from Oct. 17th.
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  1. Since when did colleges start with this Fall break stuff?