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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3...The Perfect Date

I have to admit that I am quite the serial dater.  I've had some real good dates and some really bad dates but only 1 perfect date.  I was dating a man that I had known for several years through mutual friends but for some reason we decided to "get to know each other better" a few years ago.  He is handsome, intelligent, god fearing, funny adventurous and all the things any woman would love to have in a man....the resume was extra tight.  We lived in a different city from each other and he wanted to come to Nashville for a visit.  Long story short that didn't happen so he suggest that me meet in Chicago for the weekend to hang out since he was going to be there on business.  Clearly this mans definition of hanging out was very different from mine.  I was prepared to take care of my own arrangements but once I said yes, the next day I checked my email and there was a confirmation/itinerary for my trip.  WOW...really!?!  He even booked a separate room for me...just in case I wasn't comfortable staying in a room with him.  Smooth, right?  Well we had a fun filled week full of sightseeing, I saw the play Wicked, and to top off the weekend, we took me to see...are you ready ladies...Maxwell!  Yes chile Maxwell.  This was our first official date and if things would have last between us this would be a great story to tell at cocktail parties.  To bad he turned out to be an ass!

Until next time...                                                                          


  1. WoW NikkiMo, you got me all excited for you... MAN, what a JERK!! I'm sorry you had to get on an airplane to find all that out.

  2. I was excited too...we dated for another 6 months or so...he is cool but just not for me.